• Frequently asked questions

    We have compiled an overview of our guests' most frequently asked questions here.
    If the desired response is not listed, we look forward to your contact request.


How do I book my stay?

Once you have decided a room and programme of your choice, continue to the reservations page to complete your inquiry. After your details have been filled and you have inquired your stay, a member of the Chenot Palace team will contact you to confirm the details and proceed with payment.

How long can I stay for?

The minimum stay is 7-nights and 6-days, but you can also extend your stay.

Is the diet included in the programme?

Yes. The Chenot Diet has been carefully designed to work in synergy with the other medical treatments to support the detoxification, stimulation and reset of the body. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the programme.

Is a room included in the price of the Programme?

There is no room included in the programme. The room needs to be selected separately to complete the reservation inquiry.

Can I get extra treatments with my programme?

Yes. You have many treatments included in your programme, but during your stay, you can choose additional multiple treatments out of our extensive treatment menu (see our treatments).

Should I consult my doctor before booking?

When you are reserving your booking, you can fill out any medical conditions we need to know about and when we call to confirm, we can discuss if there are any issues.

Can I eat other food than what is on the diet?

No. To fully appreciate the Chenot Method®, you need to stick to your diet and treatments to benefit and receive the best possible results.

What is the Chenot Method®?

The protocols of the implemented treatments are collectively known as the Chenot Method®. The Chenot Method® is unique in its application in that, it integrates and transmits energetic, physical and emotional signals to the body. Further, the Chenot Method® treats the person at a holistic level rather than focusing on the individual’s symptoms. Both the integrated detox treatments and diet plans that support the natural cleansing functions of the body are the key tenant of the Chenot Method®.

How can I keep healthy once I have left Chenot?

Your doctors will advise you on how to implement Chenot lifestyle into your daily lifestyle.

Is the restaurant open to the public?

No. The Restaurant is open exclusively for the Chenot Palace Weggis Guests.