Chenot Palace Weggis | Веггис

В самом сердце Швейцарии

  • “The most charming place…“ It is true. Even in the past, many people raved about Weggis: above all, the American author and travel writer Mark Twain. In 1897 he wrote that Weggis was the “loveliest place” he had ever visited. The small, idyllic holiday resort of Weggis lies at an altitude of 435 metres on the shore of Lake Lucerne and at the foot of the renowned Rigi. Weggis offers tranquillity and relaxation in front of a beautiful lake and mountain panorama. The region on the southern flank of the Rigi is often termed the ‘Riviera’ of central Switzerland. 

    The climate in Weggis is extremely mild and the resort usually benefits from many sunny days. On certain days, the presence of the ‘föhn’, a warm down wind, leads to particularly clear views across Lake Lucerne. (Switzerland Tourism, 2019)

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«Это самое прекрасное место на земле, где мы когда-либо побывали в поисках покоя и безмятежности». Марк Твен


Швейцарские Альпы

Отправляйтесь в поход по горным массивам Риги («Королева гор») и Пилатус. Совершите путешествие в прошлое по стопам знаменитого писателя Марка Твена, который когда-то сам покорял эти горные тропы.